Hi there. If you’re visiting this blog, you either personally know me, or you met me while gaming online. Or possibly, you’ve read one or more of my poetry books. Whatever the reason you’re here, welcome to my blog!

The description on the front page is as honest as I can be about myself in the shortest way possible. “A Depressed, Video Gaming, Music Loving Poet”. Depressed because, quite simply, I suffer from depression, and a few other mental illnesses/disorders. It’s a large part of my life, an everyday battle with no end, only management. I will talk about my struggles with mental illness on this blog.

Video Gaming because I’m a huge gamer, have been for as long as I can remember. It provides a visual escape from the reality I try so hard to evade.

Music Loving because I absolutely love music. Simple as that. I usually just throw my headphones on, put in a CD, hit play and zone out into a video game at the same time. It’s total bliss for me.

Poet because I am a writer. It’s another one of those things that just came natural to me, like I just knew how to do it from the start, you know? But in 2010, it became a thing officially when I published my first book “The Cycle Of The Days Of Whatever”. Since then, I’ve published several books of poetry, and still with more to come in the future.