02/16/2017 12:22 AM

The last month has been eventful.

Been to the doctor a few times. They did some blood cultures on me and discovered that my cholesterol is high, and that my Vitamin D is low. According to the doctors, low Vitamin D levels can worsen symptoms of depression for the people who suffer from it. Things like decreased motivation and the like. So now I’m taking a large dose of Vitamin D once a week. And I do mean LARGE. Large like 50,000 mg. I have been slowly noticing a few changes. I’m a little more active than usual. Not much more, but enough to where it’s noticeable. Going outside and watching the dog run around on the leash, doing yard work on my own incentive. Stuff like that. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but it actually is improvement for me.

The high cholesterol thing. With lowering cholesterol comes with a diet change. No more junk foods. (I still eat junk foods, but a lot less now). Instead of chips, I eat wheat thins. Drink more water than pop. Buy the low fat variants of foods, like cheese, sour cream, and all that. When we went food shopping this month, I wasn’t prepared for how tough it is to find food you like that is diet sensitive. Me and Megan love having tacos for dinner twice a month. We always drain the grease out of the meat, but the shredded cheese and sour cream we have always bought is apparently too high in cholesterol, so we got to dig around in the dairy aisle at Wal Mart looking for a brand of cheese that is low fat. It’s kind of a slim selection.

I’ve quit smoking again too. It’s been ten days since my last one. My Doc put me on the 14mg Nicotine patch to help me. It’s been easier than expected, however, around midnight, like it is now, I get the urge to go sit out on the porch and have a quiet smoke break under the moon. But I can’t do that now. So I have to fight that urge. I should probably go to bed.



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