12/30/2016 10:59 PM

Work and brainstorming has begun on a novel I think. I’m exposing myself to all kinds of influences that inspire new ideas, and I’m collecting it all to mold a story. Not poems, but a traditional novel. The process is slow, and I’m taking my time with it. All I can say for certain is that it’s most likely going to belong in the horror genre. Probably won’t be finished any time soon, but it’s happening for sure.

Meanwhile, my fourth book of poems is coming along nicely. I basically have the theme for it set, and the tone and whatnot. I feel that it is accurate with how I’m feeling nowadays, and it’s relevant enough to be a body of poems.

So, we’re reaching the edge of another New Year’s Eve. Party! uh…not really. Not for me anyways. I’ll just stay home and do what I normally do. Just another day, really. Boring I know, but I never said I was an exciting person. Quite the contrary actually. I’m more about taking it easy and sticking to what I know. Does that sound like old age creeping in? Oh lord. The transformation is happening. Can I just skip the mid life crisis though? It sounds like a terrible time in one’s life and I’ve had enough terrible times to last a lifetime already.

Not much else to say right now.


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