11/24/2016 4:10 PM

What a great day this has been. I’ve always loved Thanksgiving for the unity & peace it brings every year. Last year’s was good, this year’s was even better.

I woke up kind of woozy this morning from all the vistral I took yesterday. Yesterday was wasn’t very good at all. So anyways, I get woken up around 9 AM this morning by Mom knocking on me and Megan’s bedroom door, asking for a fan. “A fan?” I asked groggily. Then I walked out into the living room to see a huge cloud of smoke filling the house. “Nothing’s burning” my Mom quickly told me, “but some of the juice from the turkey boiled over in the oven”. So I set the fan up in the kitchen, and pointed it out towards the window. Then I grabbed a towel from the bathroom, opened the front door of the house and started redirecting the smoke out the door. Mom was so pleased that I helped clear out all the smoke, she bought me a pack of cigarettes to say thank you. “You didn’t have to do that” I told her. “Well I really appreciated your help with that. I’ve been so busy this morning cooking the turkey and everything else. I needed help”. “Well that’s what I’m here for Mom” I said, “That’s what family does for each other”.

Since I was up now, I figured I’d go downstairs and listen to some music and watch YouTube. I was jamming out, playing video games and having a good time. Everyone was in a good mood, and I was definitely feeling the vibes from it.

Thanksgiving dinner was served around 3 in the afternoon, like it always is in our family. And I was feeling so good, I actually suggested saying grace. I don’t frequently pray, but I felt today truly was a blessing, and I wanted to give thanks for it. I don’t know any official prayers or anything like that, so I just spoke from the heart. I thanked the lord for the food, and for bringing us together as a family, and sharing this meal and holiday together. Because my wife and my mom are the two most important people to me in the world, and nothing brings me more joy than seeing us all getting along and laughing together sitting at the dinner table. Today was a blessing, a memory I won’t let go of anytime soon.

After that awesome feast, I smoked a cigarette and then me and Megan fell asleep on the couch all cuddled up together watching The Simpsons on TV. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all have a great night!



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