11/23/2016 10:37 AM

I hate being pressured into leaving the house. Our worker is supposed to be picking me and Megan up today for a group activity with other clients. I don’t want to go, but Megan does. So god forbid if I have a preference on what I want to do today. Which is NOT leave the house, AVOID human contact, and to be left ALONE. That’s what I want today.

And one of our older cats Callie, is hissing and swinging at the kittens, so I have to break that up, because these kittens are not old enough to defend themselves yet. My Mother put an ad in the local newspaper, advertising free kittens to go to a good home, but no one’s called yet.

And not too long after breaking up the cat fight, Megan slipped on the stairs, and hurt her ankle. “Oh my god” I thought. “It’s only morning and this place is already a madhouse”. So I helped Megan get back into bed, put her ankle up, gave her two pain relievers, and made an ice pack out of ice cubes and an empty bread sack and put it on her ankle.

Then after Megan was taken care of, I walked out into the living room to see that the chain on our front door was missing the latch. “For fuck’s sake, what else?!” I yelled out loud. My Mom saw that I was getting overwhelmed, and she said that I need to go relax and calm down. “These things aren’t worth getting upset over” she said. “I know” I said, “But I can’t help it, I hate when everything-” and she cut me off because she probably knew already what I was going to say. “I know you do Chad. But don’t get all worked up over piddly things”. But however, I did still find a way to lock our front door, and it locks really sturdy even without the chain. Because for awhile, it seemed like it wouldn’t lock. So that chain latch was our only means of having a locked door. Turns out, all you have to do is pull the door up by the knob, and you hear that click sound and it’s locked.

So I’ve had a pretty eventful morning. I’m now just going to chill in the mancave and play video games. Maybe I’ll post a new video and share it here.


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