11/21/2016 11:30 PM

Okay. First entry. I just wanted to officially get this ball rolling.

Work has officially started on my 4th book of poetry, but it’s no where near done. It’s definitely going to have a much more somber tone than my last book, the angry and rabid “Exploding Transistor”. This 4th book will be a confession of silent surrender, and knowing when not to engage the complexities of life. Okay that should give you a hint of where I’ll be going with my next book.

It’s finally getting cold here in Iowa. I know alot of people were enjoying those 70 degree temperatures we were having about a week ago, but that just isn’t healthy weather for Iowa. Yeah, year around sunny weather is nice, but that’s what California and Florida is for. Here in Iowa, it gets cold. And if winter weather were to ever just give Iowa a miss completely, it would be time to worry. Everyone else would love it, I’d be sitting on the porch like, “This isn’t good”.

In my gaming universe, I’m closing in on the platinum trophy for Dead Rising 2. This “Better With a Friend” trophy is particularly difficult because it requires the cooperation of other people! (GASP) DUN DUN DUN! But overall, this is a tough platinum.

Anyways, it’s late.


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